We’re BanXit, a B2B startup company in the Fintech space. Our Secure-based financial technology platform provides an advanced and innovative solution for banks and financial institutions for the new financial world.
BanXit's team is an innovative group of fintech professionals with experience in translating technological vision into creative solutions for the new financial economy

Banxit Platform

BanXit is built on a deep understanding of today’s financial technology and business challenges to provide a secure, trusted, and agile platform for financial services. BanXit is a Secure-based platform with a core payment module along with other financial modules

  • Payment
  • Multiple Currencies Wallet
  • Fast and Robust API Layer
  • Pic 2 Pay
    Unique Payments Wallet

    Allows customers to make payments at any point of sale without the need for business owners to upgrade or make any changes to their current point of sale. All they need is to register for the service and enjoy receiving advance payments as fast as cash! The wallet supports standard and virtual currencies Enables anonymous and secure money transfer Use of the technology Secure enables maximum reliability and safety for both parties Another innovative product that BanXit launches is a payment app for teens

    Teens payment solution

    Another feature of the App is payment option for teens. This allows a parent to subscribe their child to the service and set permissions so that they can control and monitor the financial activities of their children. The child can pay at the point of sale allowed only by parents, giving them advanced financial tools suitable for their generation.

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